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 Post subject: Skinny kid needs diet plan to bulk (+ critique my routine)
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:11 pm 

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Hi guys! :D
I'm totally new to all this body building stuff and so let me tell you about myself.

18 years old male
5ft8.5 (still growing :D)
but only 55kg :( Others my age and height seem around late 60's/ 70 kgs)

My routine involves
Doing "breathing" yoga in the morning - breathing yoga where you blowout through your nose in a sharp breath and make your stomach muscles contract.
It forces the gas in your stomach to go out and removes that general feeling of bloatedness. I do this for 5 minutes
(I can provide a youtube video if you want) - my core is also pretty tight because of this. None of that 30 day abs challenge for me since this exercise I do is for life :D

Then I breath through one nostril and out the other and deep breathes in and out to remove stress and other aliments.

I then stretch to the ceiling and then touch my palms to the floor for flexibility (and trying to grow taller)

Ok after that my Diet is as follows:
A 1/4 table spoon of "Amla chura" + 1 glass of water - basically Ayurveda medicine which is Indian gooseberry all ground up to provide fibre and it helps with eye conditions.
Ready break instant porridge
+ 1 banana

A bowl of white rice with pulses - pulses vary depending on what is cooked on the day

(yes that's right as a student I still live and eat what is given at home fortunately/ unfortunately depending on how you view it - fortunate because i'm in a vegetarian household so am generally healthy already :D and vegan diet was the next step
and unfortunately because it makes my post sound totally different to most of whats on this forum! :S )

Later on
1/4 spoon of Barley grass powder for fiber
A scoop of Hemp protein

A bowl of white rice with pulses or chick peas or some form of vegetarian curry

+ Triphala Chura - a Ayurveda powder to help with digestion.

If you're wondering why I take all these powders/ "chura" it's because i'm trying to flush out the artificial sugar from my system which I ate during my exam period and resulted in me getting psoriasis on my legs which gradually came and built up over a period of 2 months and now I have like 3 bleeding patches on each leg! But with these powders and yoga it's made a big difference and getting better gradually.

Anyway moving on my lifting routine involves

Using a 10kg dumbell at home since i'm saving up for a gym since they are all really expensive at the moment
(If I get into university - results this Thursday - I will have access to a cheaper one - but until then :D)

I bicep curl it 5x4 or 5x5 every 3 days
I also do a tricep movement where I hold the dumbell in a diamond position and bring it behind my back and lift it up and down 12 times (I do this twice)

I work my traps by dumbell shrugs 12 times x 4

I also do floor press with this 10kg

I have done this now 3 times a week for 3 weeks and my arms have gotten bigger and my chest muscles can do that tensing movement where they go a tiny bit up and down :D

Anyway what can I add to my diet to put on weight and bulk and any other exercises to increase mass?

Thank you for taking the time to read this all! :)

 Post subject: Re: Skinny kid needs diet plan to bulk (+ critique my routin
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:36 pm 
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Good stuff. Try checking out the training journals to get ideas from what other people are doing from their workouts and meal plans. Maybe start your own to help hold yourself accountable?

 Post subject: Re: Skinny kid needs diet plan to bulk (+ critique my routin
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:12 pm 
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Diet looks pretty healthy, maybe short on vegetables and fruits.
Also try to add some nuts / peanut butter and seeds for some extra calories, and tofu for extra protein.
If you eat plenty of fresh unprocessed food most of the time, don't worry, you're doing allright.

You could get another 10k dumbell and vastly improve your range of exercises.
There are plenty of exercises you can do with just your bodyweights and a pair of dumbells, that's a good place to start :)
Look online and try to find some exercises you like.

A few personal favourites if that helps.

- diamond push-ups
- spider-man push-ups
- plank
- side-plank
- side-plank with reach though.
- mountain climber
- wall sit
- squat (can also be done wih dumbells)
- lunges (same)

Also : chin-ups / pull-ups. Very effective, but hard for beginners (that's ok I couldn't do one without assistance ahah) and you need to find a bar to do theose safely.

- T-push ups
- push-up position row
- kickback
- dumbell row

etc. etc.
You could select 3 exercises for each bodypart (chest, biceps, triceps, core/abs, back, shoulders, legs), and do a full-body program 3 times a week with different exercises everytime.

Write down your number of reps and rest times, and try to do better at each session : improving either the number of reps or shortening the resting time.

Always try to maintain good form.

if you're seeing some progress, you're going in the right direction.
Keep it up!

 Post subject: Re: Skinny kid needs diet plan to bulk (+ critique my routin
PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:33 pm 
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here's what i eat:

100g oats, 200g alpro soy yogurt, 200ml vegan milk, honey, juice (wheat grass, pineapple, grape seed extract)

4xwholemeal slices, 100g peanut butter, 400ml water (or protien shake)

protein bar, protein shake(hemp+glutamine), fruit, multivitamin

wholemeal tortillas, 160g refreied beans, half avocado, 400ml water

75g humus, tortilla chips, fruit, 400ml water

protein shake (wheat grass, broccoli, pea, rice, glutamine)

50g lentils, 100g quinoa, nutritional yeast, hemp protein, fruit, 400ml water

pre-workout: strong organic coffee
intra-workout: clean machine BCAAs, organic fruit juice

FATS 116.6 CARBS 500.1 PROTEIN 200 KCAL 3334

 Post subject: Re: Skinny kid needs diet plan to bulk (+ critique my routin
PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:31 pm 
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For in the morning as soon as you get up, drink 500 ml of water, add some lemon or lime in it and a dash of salt.

Google Calendar is a great way to start a routine / schedule.

Ps. I wouldn't mind seeing that video of that breath yoga you're talking about.


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