Vega vs. Super Green vs. Organic Frog "Greens Today" Or DIY

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Vega vs. Super Green vs. Organic Frog "Greens Today" Or DIY

#1 Postby moyshekapoyre » Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:46 pm

Hey folks, I'm sure someone posted a thread like this somewhere already but I couldn't find it. I'm wondering, given that I'm on a fairly tight budget, which one of these products would folks recommend? Or should I just buy some of the ingredients (like what? I'm thinking kefir, chia seed, seaweed, barley grass, hemp seed, spirulina, chlorella) bulk and make my own smoothies? The reason I'm considering getting a mix is it has way more stuff than I could buy. I.e. "Greens Today" has 72 ingredients which all seem really good, etc. Kim's Super Green has a big mix of seaweed and probiotics in addition to the regular stuff (spirulina, chlorella etc).

Anyone have practical experience with any of these things?

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