Video: "Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?"

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Re: Video: "Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?"

#16 Postby The PhytoAthlete » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:41 pm

horsedoc wrote:I agree that some of us do not eat meat for reasons other than animal rights issues. There is a separate topic heading to discuss those types of things.

Where is this separate topic heading you mentioned?


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Re: Video: "Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?"

#17 Postby Mini Forklift Ⓥ » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:43 pm

TheFutureOfHealth wrote:The thing that is making it difficult for me to want to return to these forums much is peoples inability to separate 'the science' from the animal rights aspect, which I think need to be completely different conversations entirely. I love animals, and I am all for that aspect of it. But this IS the nutritional section of the forum. Wy does it seem that people here have little to day about it other than 'oh thats good' or something similar? Does the science of vegan nutrition mean little to people? I mean I assume that the health outcome of a vegan diet is important to people as well as the animal rights aspect. This is what gives my fellow vegans bad credibility in my opinion. The ones who do it for animal rights reasons tend not to care if they live off preztils and hummus, and similar junk food, hence these 'vegan horror stories'.

Great post, well said :)

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