Sprouting seeds: no need for vitamin pills, even B12?

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#16 Postby nik » Mon Apr 24, 2006 3:35 pm

Raw Ambition wrote:There is so much information, and misinformation out there about ANY subject that one can go batty trying to figure out what's right and what's not. There's a term for it now, it's called analysis paralysis.

Amen! I've never felt like a bigger flake, flip floper until I started researching health information, Esp. on the net! You end up going in circles and chasing your own tail. One day swearing off some food, the next wanting to include it in large amounts, then the next limiting it with certain restrictions and qualifactions, and all over again. One day not concerned, the next, paranoid as *&%@!.

Gorilla wrote:Thanks for all the input. It's kind of a controversial topic.

@nik - well argued and detailed criticism of the infamous "B12 article".

So what made you decide to start "taking the pills"?

All these alerts, articles and vegan doctors etc. made me decide to give it a try. Esp. since I was already starting to take other supplements and concentrates. The major advice is that once you have symptoms of it it is too late and you already have irreversible damage by that point. So I thought maybe I could be deficient and just not have any symptoms of it yet. Plus it is known to have a roll in other secondary type of health problems and deficiencies. I really did think I would feel differently afterwards though cause I was sure I was probably deficient. But maybe you don't feel anything from it? I don't know, but it's easy to take cause it's chewable and tastes good and I only need 1 a few times a week whenever I remember.

I have some dried hydrilla powder that is an aquatic weed and it has tons of B-12 listed on it's nutritional facts. But I figured it is probably analog like the seaweed stuff. I think the only major source of B-12 might be fermented foods like fresh sauerkraut and stuff.

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#17 Postby Gorilla » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:31 pm

Cool. I know what you mean about getting paranoid about nutrition!

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