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Thank you everybody.

#1 Postby west2100 » Mon Mar 13, 2006 4:31 pm

I have a bit of a history of anorexia, and throughout my recovery I found a vegetarian diet to be the most comforting to me mentally and healthiest on the road to recovery. Sometime during all this in the past year I found this website, and it gave me the hope and information I needed to pursue health and not just "normal weight" in my recovery. I became inspired to go vegan, but not until I was sure I was doing it for the right reasons.

Through a combination of the information I gained here and the peace of mind I reached through a vegan diet, my health has improved significantly. I no longer have any health issues, I've gained 16 pounds of muscle in the past 9 months, and for the first time in a while I feel great throughout the entire day. I'm sure this could have been done other ways, but it wasn't. You guys have all helped me out so much through everything, and I barely know any of you. This community has made all the difference for me.

I just wanted to say thank you.

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#2 Postby FormicaLinoleum » Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:04 pm

Wow, that's amazing! It's so wonderful that this board and veganism could help you regain your health. I wish you the best of luck and good health for the rest of your life!
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#3 Postby robert » Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:45 am

I agree, this is truly amazing and it makes me feel really good that this community was able to inspire you along your journey. This is great to hear!

I love what I do because of the animals I'm saving, but I also love stories like this. Helping, inspiring, assisting, motivating, etc. is something that many of us on here really enjoy about how we live our lives. I'm really touched that in some way we were able to touch your life and help you through a tough road you were on.

Congratuations on your success in health you just inspired a bunch of us as well, and we thank You for that!

All the best my friend,


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#4 Postby Crash » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:08 am

FormicaLinoleum wrote: It's so wonderful that this board and veganism could help you regain your health. I wish you the best of luck and good health for the rest of your life!

Ditto and just wanted to add my best wishes for your continued good health, happiness and luck as well. :D 8) Keep up the good work !
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