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#1 Postby mad05c » Wed Apr 05, 2006 11:05 pm

can someone please share thier raw daily diet with me, im trying to bulk up with raw but dont know exactly what foods to eat to get enough calories.

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#2 Postby _raVen_ » Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:51 am

hey, mad05c,

I'm not a bulker, so I can only give you leads. Here is a page (has a daily meal example for muscle gain); I cannot vouch for its veracity :): http://www.bodyfatguide.com/RawDiet.htm

Maybe go to Bigbwii's new site http://s9.invisionfree.com/VLF/; he is a former fruitarian who was/is well built.
As well as the Charlie's Gym site I directed you before; he has a food plan -- did you see it? He eats lots of bananas, I think.

A book you may want to check out by Arlin: http://www.rawfood.com/rawpower.html
An interview with him here: http://www.living-foods.com/articles/bodybuilder.html

Good luck! :)

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#3 Postby RawFigure » Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:13 am

add nuts, seeds, avocado's, hemp seeds, hemp powder and raw oils.

but becareful too much too fast will cause increase in bofyfat too !!

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#4 Postby Bigbwii » Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:22 pm

I honestly don't think it's possible to bulk up living the Raw Vegan lifestyle until you have cleaned out completely and even then I don't think you will have the mentality or urge to want to over eat in that way, that would be living a raw vegan lifestyle by cooked food standards and believe me the two don't mix.

I used to live off of fresh cut OJ and still maintaned the size of a regular guy which was excellant for a Fruitarian because I worked out hard and consistantly.

Be wary of any big Raw Vegan you see because most of those are infact not true raw vegans. Steve Arlins way will just get you fat and sick (and have you seen him lately?). I have not to this day seen a succesful big raw vegan simply because it takes so long to clean out and as I say by the time you do clean out you will not need to eat as much food as you once did.

When we go raw we get smaller for a reason.

I would advice you to focus on your exercises instead of what you eat.
I found that exercising while in transition helped a great deal because if you don't use it you will lose it!

As Raven said check out Charlies gym site and look at his photo's.

Hope this helps too.

Now that I've gone raw, I'm so skinny
by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

Is raw really that different?

Americans generally have two features in common: they are overfat and
undermuscled. There are good reasons for both of these unhealthy
conditions. Going raw can help with both, but in both cases, going
raw is simply a start.

People are overfat because they consume more calories than they
burn. It is that simple, almost. They are also overweight because
they hold on to excess water. In the body, the solution to pollution
is dilution. One method of coping with those toxins that are more
than the body can eliminate is to dilute them in water and store
them. This excess water weight is easily lost, and is not the issue
of this article.

Overfat people usually tell me that they "don't eat that much,
really." They are probably telling the truth, when it comes to the
actual volume of food they consume. The SAD has three main features
that make it easily recognizable: low water, low fiber, and high
fat. Each of these three features reduce the total volume of food
while increasing the number of calories per bite. It therefore takes
very little food volume to provide more than enough calories for the
day, hence people gain, on average, a few pounds every year.

The SAD, vegetarian, vegan and most raw diets tend to have these same
three features in common: low water, low fiber and high fat. As raw
fooders we find a meal of fruit unsatisfactory because we are hungry
soon after consuming it. This is no fault of the fruit. Any meal
where insufficient calories are consumed will leave the eater hungry
soon thereafter. We have shrunk our stomachs to the point of
deformity through the continual consumption of concentrated
foodstuffs. By removing the fiber (juicing), by removing the water
(cooking or dehydrating), and by increasing the fat levels above 10%
of total calories consumed (cooked or raw, plant or animal, fat is
fat), we mimic the SAD with many of our raw food dishes. This is
surely an unhealthy practice. Both water and fiber are essential
nutrients. Therefore removing them from our food must be to our
detriment. All health experts worldwide agree that we must make
dramatic decreases in our fat consumption if we ever hope to achieve

The solution to the shrunken stomach problem is to eat more volume of
fruit, but this takes practice and determination. It requires,
essentially, that you go on a flexibility training program for your
stomach, allowing it to enlarge to the point of being able to
comfortably accommodate the food volume required for a proper meal of
fruit. Most folks find that within a few months they can easily
double and often triple the total amount of fruit they can consume at
a meal, without consuming anywhere near as many calories as they used
to consume from more calorically concentrated sources.

We go on the raw food diet and lose weight like champions. This is a
mixed blessing. Most of us have weight to lose and are pleased at
the initial weight loss. However, if we are losing weight
consistently and dramatically we must be drastically under consuming
calories. At some point we must learn to eat enough volume of raw
foods to satisfy our caloric demands, else we fail as raw fooders.
Unfortunately, this form of failure on raw foods happens all too
frequently. Usually, we blame the addictiveness of cooked food or
our own weaknesses rather than acknowledging that we were eating a
nutritionally unbalanced and unsustainable raw food diet. Along the
way, various unhealthy habits can develop such as overeating of fatty
foods, occasional bingeing on cooked foods, relying on refined and
concentrated food sources, and the sedentary lifestyle that often
accompanies the malnourished state.

We are crippling ourselves

Labor saving devices have become the standard in America. Shopping
carts, rolling luggage, moving stairways, vacuum cleaners, automatic
doors, household conveniences such as automatic hot water; we use
these things without giving them a second thought. Even our labor
saving devices often have labor saving devices. (Ex. - Power
windows, steering and brakes for our cars, remote controls for
television, sit down lawn mowers, battery powered toothbrushes and
screwdrivers). Using them has had disastrous effects upon our
fitness. Never before in history have we, as a people, been so
unfit, overfat, or unhealthy. In both test case and real life
scenarios we have found that a significant percentage of our
population is too unfit to make it down a few dozen flights of
stairs, even if it means saving their own life.

The inertia of the sedentary lifestyle must be overcome if we hope to
achieve better health through raw living than that which we brought
to it. Losing excess fat certainly is a step in the right
direction. Eating foods that require less fuel for the digestive
process frees up more fuel to use for activity. Still, I am asked
all the time, "what do I eat to gain weight?"

After discerning that the requested weight gain is not to be in the
form of fat or water, the question is refined to, "what do I eat to
gain muscle?" The answer is, "There is no food that will cause one
to gain muscle. This can only be achieved by performing the
appropriate strength demanding activities". Unless demands are
placed upon the muscles, the brain will perceive no reason to direct
growth of the muscles and the muscles will likewise acquire no
reason to hypertrophy.

"I went raw but I got so skinny that I went back to eating cooked", I
hear again and again. I can only reply that most people are skinny,
they just hide that fact under a substantial layer of fat. We have
become used to seeing fat people, they are the norm. So used to it,
in fact, that people who are not fat look abnormal to us. They look
too skinny. Though for my height I am absolutely a normal weight
(5'10", 150 pounds) I have been told that I am "thin, skinny, too
trim" and once even, "emaciated". (This last by a man 5'10", 300

We know the shape that we think humans should be, what appears to us
as "normal". The undiscerning eye usually does not differentiate
between a person with a low degree of musculature whose body fat
levels are double or triple normal from one with adequate muscular
development whose body fat level is healthy. They look basically
similar, especially when they are inactive and even more so in street
clothing. The telltale indicators of low fat with muscular
development; well defined vascularity and the shredded or ripped look
to the musculature, are simply not noticed or even visible until
bodies go into action.

Muscular development takes time. It is rare for a body builder to
gain more than one pound of muscle in a month. By the same token,
barring a total cessation of physical activity, muscular loss of size
also is a slow process. Of the three caloronutrients: carbohydrate,
fat and protein, the body will always use carbohydrate and fat before
consuming protein for fuel. Hence, when we switch our diet to raw,
the likelihood that the body will consume its own muscle tissue for
fuel is practically zero. At least, that is, until starvation is
initiated, which is not until all available carbohydrate and fat
sources have been utilized. When people say to me that they got so
skinny on the raw food diet, I can only smile and say, "You have
probably always been skinny, you just couldn't tell because you were
fat, too. Congratulations on losing the fat, for it was only then
that you noticed how undermuscled you are."

If you do what everyone else does, you will get what everyone else
gets. For uncommonly healthy results, one must be willing to live an
uncommonly healthy life. Anyone who puts in the effort involved in
building muscle will see the muscular development and will reap the
concomitant rewards. This can be done in various ways and will be a
focus of a future article: Four methods of increasing strength
related performance.

In health abundance naturally,
The Fruitarian Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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#5 Postby mad05c » Thu Apr 06, 2006 4:45 pm

hey thanks alot bigbwii!! is that from an article or book? what website is that? i shold really read the next article about increasing strength!! or do you have a program that you can suggest? lastly it talked about not getting enough volume of raw....i think that one of my problems also, as i am barely consuming 2000 kcals, i need more!

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#6 Postby Bigbwii » Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:11 pm

Personaly I never took much notice of calories as I was doing a whole bunch on very little and was slowly making progress (see my personal bests), plus I really didn't feel like eating that much due to being relativly clean internaly.

I got that article from DG's website, he's got some good stuff but a lot of it didn';t really relate to me and my experience.

I just carried on doing the same routine I did when I was on cooked I then went on to body wieght stuff which is what I think is best for raw because it cuts deeper.

Hope it helped.
The Fruitarian Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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#7 Postby Raw Ambition » Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:32 pm


First! love the article! How bad is Steve looking lately? I don't visit rawfood.com anymore (not a big fan of "supplements") Used to like reading David Wolfe's books.. used to.

Question! What % of your daily intake of food is fruit?? I ask because I believe that fruit (both sweet and non-sweet) is the optimum food for human consumption. No other food on the planet nutures the human body like fruit. It is the first food that appeals to us. It looks delicious, it SMELLS delicious, and it tastes absolutely unbelievable. It's high in water.

Physiologically we are best suited to consume fruit, our hands are perfectly designed to pick, and peel fruit. Our digestive systems are the ultimate juicer.

I would say that 60 to 70% of my daily intake of food comes in the form of fruit, followed by 10 - 20% Dark leafy greens followed by 10 - 20% nuts, seeds, and grains.

I also love the talk about "calories" wtf is a calorie anyway?

A calorie is defined as the amount of energy it takes to raise 1 gram of water (which is about 1 cubic centimeter -- about a thimble full) 1 degrees Celsius

What does this have to do with nutrition?? and feeding the body??

I too, don't worry about "calories" or how much protein I'm eating. When my body needs sustenance it tells me. I eat. I use the gains I make in the gym as my measurement tool.
I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants

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#8 Postby Bigbwii » Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:06 pm

Hi RA,

I've just gone back to Vegan from being a strict Fruitarian for 11 years on and off, I will be eating raw veggies more than raw fruits now I'm back on cooked, I don't do well mixing fruits and cooked foods.

I'm not really gonna count % I'm just gonna go with the flow like you.

I agree with everything you said about fruits and that's pretty much why I stuck at it for so long anyway see my post "back to being Vegan" in this section I think!

Steve looks like he's a great fan of BurgerKing :lol:

infact I posted a photo of him here!!...somewhere!

His whole existance over there is so shady!!!

he doesn't allow photo's of himself and anyone that speaks of him gets banned from the forum!!!

I think that with all the hype of his book he's ashamed to say he's gone back to cooked!! but that's just my uneducated guess!

I'm real glad your happy where your at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)
The Fruitarian Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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#9 Postby RawFigure » Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:23 pm

Steve Arlin is NOT the poster child for Raw Vegan diet....are you sure he is Raw ?

Your post has some good points but you are too definate.

I did not lose any size since going Raw...& my running is better and faster. I have not lost any scale weight either since I have been eating a mostly raw diet.

I get plenty of water, very high fiber (more than when I was eating a ton of chicken) ...losts of greens and I do not get too much fat. I eat the same fat as when I was on a bodybuilding diet.

Maybe you do not see Raw as working for some..but it does work for some.

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#10 Postby willpeavy » Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:30 pm

Hey Mad, good to see someone new on here from Florida. I used to live in Tallahassee too.

For bulk - eating lots of nuts, beans, and grains should do the trick!

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#11 Postby Bigbwii » Fri Apr 07, 2006 7:45 am

Hey RF, are you refering to my post?

If so I don't mean to sound definate and I didn't write the article , I only try to speak from my own experience as a former strict Fruitarian and information and observations I've gathered over the years so if I sounded opinionated I'm real sorry, that's just my personality coming through :lol: . I always say that Raw Veganism does definatly work if you choose it too, although I don't believe raw foodists that eat cooked foods of any amount are actually Raw Vegans, because if your still eating any amount of cooked food you just can't compare your experience to a person that eats nothing but raw foods and expect consistancy. The difference between going 100% and not going 100% is too great. Anyway I don't mean to start an argument over Raw Veganism or percentages because it really doesn't matter, if your happy doing what your doing then that's cool!!!!! :wink:
The Fruitarian Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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#12 Postby RawFigure » Fri Apr 07, 2006 1:51 pm

bigbww..I did not think you were starting an argument on Raw diets. I think you are right, being a Raw Vegan vs a Raw person who eats cooked..the experience is different.

And being a most fruit eater vs a green eater with some fruit mixed in (thats me) will have another experience.

Key: find what works best for you !

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#13 Postby Bigbwii » Fri Apr 07, 2006 1:58 pm

The Fruitarian Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

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