Raw vegan diet and bodybuilding - how to? who else does it?

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Raw vegan diet and bodybuilding - how to? who else does it?

#1 Postby Bridget » Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:43 pm

Ok, so I've been vegan for 6+ years and a raw foodie for almost 2. I eat about a 95% raw diet and feel terrific!!

I starting my weight lifting program about a month ago (with the goal of eventually competing -figure).

I understand that protein intake is imperative in order to build muscle. Right after my workout I have a protein shake (vega with raw almond mylk). Or a "high-protein" green smoothie - leafy green of some sort, Spriulina and/or hemp seeds, banana (maybe) and almond mylk.

I'll try to include seitan or tempeh in my diet however, I really don't want to. I've been SOOO much healthier on the raw food diet; having eliminated my fybromylagia, allergies, acid reflux and few other ailments. I'm really afraid of eating too much cooked food.

I also have no idea how to count calories on a raw food diet. As that's the beauty of it. There's really no need.
Any other Raw vegan Body builders out there? Please help...

I know there's a way to build muscle on a raw food diet - right? Where there's a will...

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