How to get ridd of the last 10-15 pounds and reach 5-7% bf

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How to get ridd of the last 10-15 pounds and reach 5-7% bf

#1 Postby dydde » Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:43 pm

I have been struggling for 4 months now in reaching the 5-7% bodyfat and loosing the last pounds of fat/weight.
Ive tried everything and esp calorie restriction. It goes well when i do CR but then after 5-6 days i suddenly gain 4 pounds without doing anything. I just cant get my head around it.
Would be great to hear peoples experience that has been able to get down to that fat% and stay there. Do you have to cycle calories, cheat days etc? or can you just calorie restrict everyday and you will get there? something that doesnt seem to work for me tho.

I do 1800 calories a day and i workout 1-2 times a day. Im 25, 180cm and 78kg male

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