Attn NZers - Growing Naturals rice protein powder

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Attn NZers - Growing Naturals rice protein powder

#1 Postby KumaraMash » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:01 pm

For any NZers in the forum -

Ceres Organics have started selling Growing Naturals Raw Rice Protein Powder. It is pretty much the same as Sunwarrior (raw, sprouted, organic), minus the $90 per kg price for in NZ. Ceres charge $27.45 for a 459g bag, so it works out to be $49 per kg. Most soy protein powders are nearly $40 a kg, apart from Red8 Rice Protein Powder (which isn't raw, organic and very gritty) which is around $25 per kg.

The taste of the Growing Naturals is very nice, smooth with no grittiness. Mixes well. I've only tried original (which is flavourless) and vanilla (which tastes nice blended with frozen banana chunks for a high protein dessert) and will try chocolate next time.

I was considering buying Sunwarrior from iHerb, but when you take into consideration currency conversion rates and shipping, it works out at $60 to $70 per kg. If there is enough demand then Ceres will continue importing it.

You can currently get from the Ceres Wholefoods store in Ellerslie, Auckland or from Huckleberry Farms (so you should be able to order online if you live outside Auckland).

I don't work for Ceres or receive any financial contribution from them, but got quite excited when I saw them post about this on their Facebook page :-)

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Re: Attn NZers - Growing Naturals rice protein powder

#2 Postby VeganResistance » Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:06 am

I should totally check out there store one-day. Thanks for the tip, will keep an eye out for it.
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Re: Attn NZers - Growing Naturals rice protein powder

#3 Postby csage1818 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:51 pm

Sunwarrior is not organic, and GROWING NATURALS is. Why do you think SW is organic? It does not have the USDA Organic symbol on the package. Also Growing Naturals rice protein is a 90% isolate powder. SW is not.

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