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#1 Postby chikapunk » Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:38 am

I'm in need of a little help here. I grew up vegan and fell off the veg wagon when i joined the military... horriiiblee idea! i ended up having three kids, and let myself go horridly... I decided to go back to been a vegan 3 months ago and of course awesome immediate results... I'm now a gym junky... i decided to go for BB :) but i have a lot of fat to get rid off and i believe i'm not eating properly. I'm 185lbs, 5'8"... i would love to get down to the 130s... been in the military sucks! hemp products are out of the picture... I'm planning on working out 6 days out the week, i have a personal trainer, but he is not vegan smart... he told me to build my own meal plan and i'm so lost. I do not know how many cals, how much protein or carbs or even fat i need to consume what other things besides vega i can get... could somebody please help me out with the numbers if i want to loose weight and build lean muscle... im planing on lifting 3 times a week, and cardio the other three.... or that is what he told me for now... he wants to do strength training first to build me up because i am so week. time or money is really not an issue since right now im stuck in korea and all i can do is go to the gym lol.. so if somebody doesnt mind lighting up my pad i would reallllyyy appreciate it.. thank you! :D

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