Random headache and stomach pain

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Random headache and stomach pain

#1 Postby Adampk » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:55 pm

After training I came home and it was dinner time so whilst waiting for my fish to cook i ate "naked bar"(cashew cookie) i think theyre called, some raspberrys, blueberrys. I then had haddock with raw vegetables (red/yellow pepper, tomato, corgette and broccoli), this is a pretty normal meal for me now the only difference was I got some cocoa powder and made hot cocoa with soya milk and honey and I think that's the only cause. I've looked about and see that hot cocoa is supposed to help headaches etc but this is my first in months :( (and yes I'm not a vegan I have read a few posts on here and some of you seem pretty knowledgeable in terms of nutrition) any suggestions? Never had soya milk before so it could be that?

Thanks in advance, Adam

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