Trying to convert fully into (at least) vegetarian mode

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Trying to convert fully into (at least) vegetarian mode

#1 Postby Nefritari » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:25 pm

Hey everyone,

You know, I had joined the forum because it was great to find so many like-minded people who are on this journey of better health.

I had said in my intro, (on Dec 31 during the 12 days of veganism), that I'm about 75-80% vegetarian. What I find interesting (and frustrating) is trying to get over that hurdle to completely convert.

I'm pretty sure it's trying to break old habits. But how can I be quasi-veggie and not be able to convert fully? Maybe I'm nervous of "going all the way?" Has anyone here ever felt like that? Or do I just sound weird?

I'm fine during the day; it's when I get home at night that I revert back to some old habits.

Maybe I just need to give myself a little more time to digest it all (no pun intended!) lol

Char :D

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Re: Trying to convert fully into (at least) vegetarian mode

#2 Postby Simi » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:51 am

What are these "old habits"?
Maybe you don't need to give up the food you love, just find vegan substitutes and make sure they are always on hand while you adjust to the conversion ;)

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