getting rid of bodyfat -> then building mass

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getting rid of bodyfat -> then building mass

#1 Postby lemurkungen » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:07 pm

Hey! I just created this account so I'm sorry if I have not yet seen most answers that I might find in threads around here. Anyway, I'm going to ask for some tips right away!

I'm vegan, and I've been so for over 3 years. At the same time that I switched from vegetarian to vegan (in january 2009, after being vegetarian since I was 11 years old.) I also started working out with machines at a local gym + went straight edge.
The effect of no alcohol, vegan food and some training resulted in some weigth loss, from the 99-100kg of fat and little muscle, down to maybe 92-93kg, more muscles and lower BF%. Some time after this I started running a lot, and stopped going to the gym, which resulted in me going down to 86 kg, but losing a lot of muscle mass on the way. This kept going and last summer i dropped straight edge (several reasons, no need to take it in this thread if somebody wonders. still vegan though, ofcourse!), and i started kickboxing, and going to the gym a little now and then, still running almost every day. Went down to 82kg, still not much muscle mass for my weight tho.

Now to the deal:

December 2011, I realised that I won't ever be psychologically able to build any serious mass if I still have the body issues that I have, and I figured that I might as well try to get my BF% down, and then start over again with the gym when I feel better about myself. Said and done, I started my cutting down-period the 2nd of january. I'm on week 3 right now, and so far I've lost about 4 kg (81.6 -> 77.5), keeping the same muscle mass, losing a lot of liquid ofcourse.

A typical week for me looks like this:
Monday: gym - chest/shoulders/triceps for about 70-90 min. Trying to keep it basic, low reps and as heavy weights as I can take.
Tuesday: kickboxning 120 min + maybe some more cardio. If the boxing isn't too heavy that night, I might do a 5 km/30 min run.
Wednesday: gym - back/biceps 70-80 min + kickboxning 90 min.
Thursday: Resting day OR cardio/bas rutten mma workout 30-60 min.
Friday: gym - legs/calves/abs + kickboxning 120 min (sparring)
Saturday: Resting day OR cardio/bas rutten mma workout 30-60 min. Either I rest saturday or thursday.
Sunday: kickboxing 120 min

Usually, my food gives me about 1650 kcal and 135g protein / day. I never go over 1950kcal, or under 1400kcal/110g.
I'm 185 cm / 77.5 kg, so according to the Harris&Benedict-equation, I need about 3103 kcal/day to keep my weight.

The plan right now is to keep to this diet for at least 12 weeks, or maybe longer, and when I feel more comfortable about my BF%, I will go up in calories and change my weightliftingschedule some, and try to get some mass for some time, and then end with another cut-down just before the beach season. My goal is to look fit and have a rather low BF% while having some mass, but still not too much, since I want a lean body for the kickboxing. Would also like to get rid of my wide hips, and get some good looking abs.
I don't care that much about weight, but keeping it under 80 kg would feel good.
(Will probably post some before and after-pictures in that category when I've done some progress!)

Now to the questions:
What can I do better? Am I doing something wrong? Any other tips you have?
Would feel good to get some serious advices :)

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