Now that we know more than ever about vegan nutrition..

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Now that we know more than ever about vegan nutrition..

#1 Postby SaraTonin » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:16 pm

What does a days/weeks worth of food look like for you?? Even the bad stuff;)

I start with:

Vega Pre-workout Energizer if I work out

-protein shake or smoothie/tofu scramble
-handful of almonds
-apple, orange, nuts, carrots, cut up veggies and carrots for snacks durin the day.
-quinoa, avocado, tomato, pea shoot, spinach salsa salad
-mixed steamed/fresh veggie salad or small hummus tempeh sundried tomato wrap
-coconut milk yogurt with hemp fiber or hemp protein
-apple or orange/fruit snack on the train ride home
-GIGANTIC salad with avocado balsamic dressing or a steamed veggie bowl over quinoa or whatever was made in the crockpot for the week.
-weekends I usually get Chinese food (my weakness) or burritos and eat some junk food.
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