So, I've been following a strict diet recently and...

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So, I've been following a strict diet recently and...

#1 Postby hoppimike » Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:21 pm

... I realized that with a few tweaks it could probably be made quite good for laying the groundwork for building some muscle mass.

Now, I'm not the kind to want huge amounts of muscle, but a little bit would be very nice and I'd really like it :)

So, I thought well, if I can get this diet up to a good level, then I'll be much more likely to motivate myself to use my body and do the physical requirements necessary too!

So, right now, here are the things that are in my diet that I think might be helping me in this regard:

- Lots of coconut oil and coconut consumption in general.

- High protein consumption (50-150 grams a day, mostly from pea protein).

- High glycine consumption (due to it's anti-inflammatory and general health benefits).

I'm also consuming a fair amount of simple carbs, such as through orange juice, fruit and... well, actually honey.. I know that isn't 100% unequivocally vegan...

So, I was just wondering, what tweaks could I make to this basic approach to make it suitable as a template for building muscle? I think my protein intake is adequate and I can eat more coconut for a healthy fat. Are there any fats I might be missing that are important?

I also drink a lot of mineral water.

Oh, and what kind of calorie number should I be going for a day? At the moment my diet is quite heavily (simple) carb-centric but this may end up shifting as I increase my coconut consumption.

Cheers guys,

Mike :)

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