Any vegans who lapsed and returned...?

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Re: Any vegans who lapsed and returned...?

#46 Postby Wamrage » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:47 am

a gorilla doesn't eat meat and he is big and strong.What more proof do you want?

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Re: Any vegans who lapsed and returned...?

#47 Postby StevenC » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:07 am

Wamrage wrote:a gorilla doesn't eat meat and he is big and strong.What more proof do you want?

That may not be exactly true, came across this article recently: ... feces-dna/

Also applying the reasoning "Hey this species doesn't eat meat and they are big and strong so we can be too" isn't necessarily a valid one in my opinion because we ARE different. Am I saying you cant build muscle and be strong on veganism? Of course not. But I am suggesting it should be presented to others in a more scientific and applicable manner. :D

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Re: Any vegans who lapsed and returned...?

#48 Postby veghead25 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:15 am

Wamrage wrote:a gorilla doesn't eat meat and he is big and strong.What more proof do you want?

We aren't gorillas. We have to look at our nutritional requirements. Gorillas have a big colon to ferment cellulose into fatty acids, we don't. We started hunting animals because our fat soure(nuts) ran out.


Read the stuty. The article is bias.

Meat consumption. Until recently, hunting of diurnal, group living primates by bonobos was considered to be absent [32] and detection of DNA from such species in bonobo feces would have certainly been considered to be contamination. From observations at Lui Kotale it is known that bonobos of this population hunt and consume the meat of several primate species. Given the paucity of information on the behavior and food selection of gorillas at Loango, we think that the possibility exists that the results from gorilla feces originate from endogenous DNA that has passed the digestive tract. There are various ways to explain this. First, gorillas, in contrast to bonobos, eat highly carnivorous driver ants that scavenge on carcasses, bones and other animal remains and by doing so could take up DNA from their prey. In this context it should be noted that a detailed morphological analyses of 177 gorilla feces from this region did not yield any evidence, such as hair or bone remains, for vertebrate consumption by gorillas (C. Boesch, personal communication).

Real source:;jsessionid=4223AC5B1F82B47555699DFA2F2E814F
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Re: Any vegans who lapsed and returned...?

#49 Postby beforewisdom » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:47 pm

Grape Nuts wrote:Just curious if their are any long term vegans here who started eating meat again for whatever reason and then went back to being vegan for whatever reason... I post at a non-vegan body building website as well. Every once in a while a vegan diet thread comes up. People always chime in with stories about how they were vegan for 5 years, started eating meat again, and felt much better. Maybe some were lacking nutrients or maybe it is all mental but makes me wonder. Seems like a lot of people become vegan thinking it is an easy sure fire way to lose weight. It is harder to cut up on a vegan diet, especially in body building. I have been vegan since 2004, veggie since 1994. It was my attempt to be as healthy as I possibly could be, and I am healthier. But lately I question that there is not a healthier way. Sure would be simple to hit macros with some flesh thrown in! Talk me off the ledge...

I went vegetarian when I was 14, gave it up for about 2 years in college thinking it would make me more buff. It didn't. I didn't have a meatgasm or feel better eating meat again. In fact, I felt better when I became a vegetarian again and a few years later a vegan.

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