New meal plan: too many mock meats?

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New meal plan: too many mock meats?

#1 Postby Teyranker » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:51 am

So after a lot of thought and deliberation I worked out a new meal plan for me. My goal is to cut cut CUT! I'm currently at 81 kg (178 pounds) and 20% bodyfat. My goal is to bring down my body fat to 8%. Last november I was at 11%, then a series of injuries and illnesses and lost motivation have brought me where I am today. But now my health is back in tip top shape and I'm ready to go!
My ultimate goal is to get my sixpack showing.
I'm 6 feet (183 cm) tall.

A lot of my protein comes from mock meats made from soy and seitan. But I keep reading that those mock meats aren't that good for your health? I've read Robert's book, but he seems to rely heavily on meal replacements and protein drinks (at least in his book), which is something I'm trying to avoid.

Muesli with rice milk
11 prot
73 carb
5 fat
214 calories

Rice with chopped soy or seitan
29 prot
74 carb
3 fat
516 calories

Steamed lentils with vegetables, tomato sauce, corn and a veggie burger
42 prot
69 carb
6 fat
348 calories

1 orange and 1 kiwi
1 prot
17 carb
0 fat
72 calories

Pappardelle pasta, white cabbage, chick peas, tomato sauce and chopped soy
42 prot
120 carb
7 fat
637 calories

Daily total:
126 prot
336 carb
21 fat
1789 calories

I work out every other day and do swim training at least once (to twice) a week.

Ugh, does this look any good? I have been wracking my brain about this... I used to be a vegetarian, so I got ALL of my protein from dairy products. But I wanted to eliminate those from my diet as well. I have read SO much about the foods now, but find it difficult to implement it.

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Re: New meal plan: too many mock meats?

#2 Postby MattSxvx » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:20 pm

Add some beans and greens and cut out the mock meats. They have crazy sodium.

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