Help! Tinnitus, problems with concentration and tiredness.

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Re: Help! Tinnitus, problems with concentration and tirednes

#16 Postby WonderWoman » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:12 pm

veghead25 wrote:whats enlightening is that you're being yourself. :wink:

Yeah... sometimes I'm trying to be more like a normal human (just like Clark Kent in Daily Planet). But it's even more strange than when I am a Super Hero. Being yourself is most important thing, if you are pretending somebody else you can't demand respect from others. (this is my small opinion)

My brain is free and well developed, but I still don't know where is the end of the darkness when I close my eyes. I actually have small teory about that, but I guess that I shouldn't move this topic on this forum, it hasn't got conection with nutrition or body building. :roll:

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