Power Posture: raise your testosterone, lower your cortisol

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Power Posture: raise your testosterone, lower your cortisol

#1 Postby Baby Hercules » Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:05 am

It's scary how well this works, I don't know why more people aren't doing it. Try it for a week and see.

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Don't forget that every person's "power pose" is different. If you actually strike those poses they talk about, then do them more. If that's not you, then do the stuff you do when you're feelin' strong. I tend to stand directly facing people with my feet apart and my hands on my hips, then I throw my head back and laugh loudly as I talk to them. This is me feeling full of myself. I also sit slightly askew, cross my legs like a man, and drape one arm over the back of the chair. It just feels better to me and has been my natural seated position since birth, much to the chagrin of my school teachers and bosses.

Ladies, listen up: power posturing does not mean flirting, no matter how much Girl Power crap "Sex And the City" or Cosmo's been feeding you. The typical postures and movements women launch into in order to get a man's sexual attention are behaviors that advertise submission and receptivity, not dominance and assertion like we're going for here. They won't trigger the chemical cascade; actually, they'll do the opposite (unless you're an S&M dominatrix). If you find yourself attracted to the guy, just pretend you're both up for the same promotion or you're about to race him in a 10K.

FYI, the researchers were only looking at body chemicals, they didn't focus too closely on the total impact that posturing made on the individual. I can guarantee you, from experience and teaching, that if you combine your power postures with visualization and breathing, you really are stronger. Your mood improves, your brain functions at a higher level, your immune system kicks up a notch, you have greater dexterity--basically, you reverse-trigger your brain to shout, "Game on!" It's like Pavlov's dog on steroids: instant superhero.

Are your shoulders hunched forward right now or are they straight back? Are you holding your stomach in and firm or have you let it go forward? Is your chin parallel to the floor or has it fallen down? Gotcha. :twisted:

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Re: Power Posture: raise your testosterone, lower your corti

#2 Postby C.O. » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:22 pm

Very interesting. I will definitely give this a shot. My posture is and has always been aweful.


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