My quick review of Vega bars & powder

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My quick review of Vega bars & powder

#1 Postby loveliberate » Fri May 19, 2006 3:27 am


I'm really excited that the Vega stuff is now available in the US, at least here in this portion of Cascadia (aka Portland, OR)! I love that all of the Vega stuff is packed full with high quality, largely raw (bars are all raw) and natural plant "superfoods" - all that with no fillers or artificial crud.

Rob, is there a list online of all the stores that carry Vega, and what the various products will likely retail for?

Anyway, I've now tried the Chocolate, Natural & Berry flavored bars & the berry flavored powder.

First the bars:
I'm really into bars and will try any (vegan) ones at least once. With 3 kids, I love the convenience of having healthy food that requires no prep and which I can just toss in my pack when we go out.

Of the 3 Vega bars, I liked the berry flavor bar best. Berries & algaes are generally my favorite foods & this has both! For bars that I've tried before, I would say Vega is closest to the "Organic Food Bar" in terms of ingredients, taste, texture, etc. So far, OFB "Active Greens" has been my favorite bar but the Berry Vega may take the #1 position for me.

Not only does it taste great but it seems less oily & sugary than the OFBs, a quality which I prefer. Which reminds me, the Vega bars are NOT
"candy bars" like Clif or Builders and this is a one of my favorite things about them. I like those bars but Vega is, in my opinion, just so much better for our bodies that there is no comparison.

Now the Vega powder:
I made the powder up with just cool water as the package suggested. It mixed more easily and fully than most powders I've tried. It was fine this way and would be very convenient when on the go and wanting a quick blast of nutrition. Personally, I found the taste a bit too sweet (maybe from Stevia?) but otherwise no complaints. I'll probably use the bars for most things but I think the Vega Powder would be great to mix into a smoothie!

In summary, I definitely recommend all of the Vega stuff! Please let me know if you have any questions, or want my opinion on something that I did not cover. I also just finished watching the Vegan Fitness Team DVD - Vegan Fitness - Built Naturally" and will post a review soon. I got a copy of Brendan Brazier's book "Thrive" while visiting Vancouver & will do a review when I finish reading it - so far I really like it! :D

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