my quick review on nutriofushion sunwarrior and nutiva hemp

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my quick review on nutriofushion sunwarrior and nutiva hemp

#1 Postby cokey30 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:32 pm

This will be short and sweet nutiva hemp taste and texture was god awful I tried it in almond ,coconut milk and water . Pricing was decent and it lasted about 2 weeks ( 3lbs bag) . Sunwarrior vanilla was great taste wise but the protein per scoop was pretty low 16g so was hemp , but other than that no compliants . It tasted well in water which was very important because almond milk can get expensive and it also mixed well in water , but in almond milk the texture was a little to thick but not a problem ( water texture was excellent) . Nitrofusion was also great it didn't taste as good as sunwarrior in water but it mixed a little better although sunwarriors mix wasn't bad either . nitrofusion taste wasn't bad in the water either it's just sunwarriors taste was better . Now mixed with almond milk nitrofusion taste way better than sunwarrior in almond milk . I also like the fact that nitrofusion has 25g of protein per scoop so if your having problems getting enough protein you may like this. A 5 pound jug last me about 3 weeks . So if I had to pick one to live with it would probably be nitrofusion due to its high content of protein per scoop but it would only be my choice if I was having a problem getting all of my protein down because the 1 thing I don't like about it is its high sodium count . So I guess If I could get loads of protein from whole foods on the regular I would than pick sunwarrior, hope this helps Probably going to give Vega one a try next go round

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