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Re: HELP. I can't lose weight. I'm starving.

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:08 pm
by Comingtocyberspace
Check out If your insurance covers a register dietitian, invest in them if it is just a co-pay. 85% of your body is from diet. They will be able to calculate your body needs. Forgot the fad diets. 80-10-10 is stupid and dangerous. Taking in so much fruit will upset your stomach and the acid from the fruit could ruin your teeth. Maybe you need to take a probiotic because you have gut bacteria or maybe you are retaining water.

As far as workouts the best workout for your body type is circuit training. Weights and cardio mixed in together. So lets say you do a set of squats, superset with jump squats or kettlebell swings. Maybe you can do thrusters, superset with 45 sec jump rope. somewhere in the middle of the workout sprint tabata on the treadmill 20 sec sprint/ 10 rest for 10 sets. Moderate cardio makes you more hungry. Interval training suppresses your appetite so you are take hungry after the workout.

Re: HELP. I can't lose weight. I'm starving.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:57 pm
by New World Vegan
Don't listen to people who OVERLY protest a diet using hyperbolic words like "Dangerous" while they're plugging a website. Instead, check out my Youtube channel :lol: for some truth (vegan 20 years, 80-10-10 for 5 years, thin big-eater 45 years)

If the body's metabolism adjusted completely, people wouldn't be fat.

Here I explain why diets like 5:2 and I.F. make you fat.

Do you realize now that if the 10 pounds you gained on 811 was fat, it was just a response to your previous under-eating, etc

PS - 80-10-10 is better if you learn the facts and myths. For all others... zip it.