maybe Bigbwii is right about the vinegar....

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maybe Bigbwii is right about the vinegar....

#1 Postby joelbct » Sun May 28, 2006 8:08 pm

On a rare junk food trip, I ate some salt and vinegar chips today (that's crisps for all you across the pond), and the inside of my mouth got all white and numb- so maybe vinegar is worse than I thought... although it never seems to bother me in other forms, I can douse hot sauce on rice and beans without noticeable harm, maybe it's just the potato chips...

In other news, I've been vegan 4 weeks today, and I feel fine- Still working out, don't seem to have lost any muscle- I am taking a mineral supplement and a B vitamin complex, and have been eating more beans, soy, nuts, and taking rice and hemp protein- Seems to be coming along quite well, I don't particularly miss the cheese, yogurt, or eggs. In fact the idea of drinking milk from a bovine or eggs from an avian seems more repulsive, and the feeling of not actively contributing to their enslavement is more attractive- I feel much cleaner in general.


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