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#16 Postby Sknydpr » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:55 pm

michaelhobson wrote:In this country at least, people will not buy products labeled vegan or vegetarian. They think that means the product is only for vegans. :? Stupid people really, but then again they are meat eaters.

I can relate to that, I recently had an online conversation with a moron that thought that only vegetarians ate Marmite because it's labelled "suitable for vegetarians". It took a couple of posts to get it through to him that that was no different that the allergy warning labels on U. S. food products.

I've tried Marmite, and won't be buying a second jar any time soon. :)

This is great news, it took me a while to discover that Genisoy bars aren't vegan (the bastards), and hadn't found a replacement for them yet. I rarely can be bothered to make protein shakes.

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