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nutrition plan

#1 Postby GoodbyeGirl » Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:19 am

can anyone here give me a specific nutrition plan? i started going to a personal trainer and he gave me this diet plan to build muscle and shed bodyfat, but it is all animal based. i weigh about 105 lbs. the ratios break down to this:
i need 210 grams of carbohydrates daily,
i need 160 grams of protein daily,
and i need 10% of my calories to come from fat.
i know that i can eat 3 whole blocks of tofu each day to get my protein, but i will probably get pretty sick of that after a few days.
can anyone give me meal plans, or tell me where i can go to get vegan meal plans that will show the nutrient breakdown?

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