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Help me improve my diet

Posted: Sun May 05, 2013 10:09 pm
by muchidna
Hey guys, i was hoping for some advice on how i could improve my diet, here's an example of a day in my diet where i'm prettymuch having trouble eating all of it, and being full all day


so yeah, here's my typical day

first meal: 1 cup oats w/ 1 cup soy milk, maybe a little brown sugar and cinnamon- some days a banana if we have alot of them

second meal: either the previous nights dinner, or a fruit smoothie and a sandwich

third meal: some sort of stir fry, or maybe a curry, trying to load with as much protein as possible

and then maybe a handfull of nuts (pepitas atm) , some fruit, and peanut butter sandwich

and i possibly ate less before i began trying to plan out my diet

anyway, here's what i'd like to do:
reach 140g protein a day
reach around 2600 calories a day

tomorrow i'll be going to a market, which stocks all types of dried beans and foodstuffs, i'm hoping to buy a bunch and add them to my diet in patties or something

anyways, any advice appreciated, i'll add any ingredients suggested to my shopping list for tomorrow

Re: Help me improve my diet

Posted: Sat May 11, 2013 4:27 pm
by C.O.
Your wording was a little confusing. You are having trouble being able to eat all of it and you feel full all day because you are eating so much, or You are having trouble because you've been eating all of this food and aren't feeling full all day?