Getting Started With Vegan Diets

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Getting Started With Vegan Diets

#1 Postby beforewisdom » Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:04 pm

I'm making this sticky for people who are new to vegan diets or people who want to brush up on reliable vegan nutrition information.

Vegan Outreach publishes the vegan starter guide with the most nutritionally complete and accurate information of all of the various animal protection organizations. It is written by Jack Norris who is the cofounder of Vegan Outreach and a Registered Dietician (RD). Vegan Outreach focuses all of their efforts on passing out pamphlets on veganism to the public. Early on in their efforts Jack Norris was disheartened by a number of people handing his pamphlets back to him explaining that they had already tried veganism, but felt unhealthy and decided to quit. Talking to these people further, Norris learned that they got bad nutritional advice or none at all. Jack Norris went back to school to study nutrition and he became a Registered Dietician(RD) so that he could write reliable vegan nutrition advice that people could trust. Jack Norris (RD) writes the Vegan Outreach nutrition guide called

Guide To Cruelty Free Eating


You can read for it free at the URL above, download it as a pdf to print it or order it from Vegan Outreach for a suggested donation of twenty five cents. It is a very nice booklet and worth the trouble.

Jack Norris RD also maintains what is essentially a free, online vegan nutrition book:
Vegan Health

If you want even more solid, reliable vegan nutrition information one of the best books on vegan nutrition information is

Becoming Vegan


It is written by two of the Registered Dieticians (RD) who coauthored The American Dietetic Association Position Paper On Vegetarianism. It covers the nutritional needs of all phases of life from birth to death as well as special needs. It is complete and easy to read. The same authors have also published The New Becoming Vegetarian which has even more nutrition information and is essentially a vegan nutrition book. The authors are vegans and mothers as well as RDs. One of the authors, Brenda Davis is a fitness buff like Jack Norris who lifts weights.

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Re: Getting Started With Vegan Diets

#2 Postby Jenie » Thu May 30, 2013 12:55 am

Thanks a lot for sharing such an information with us. I am so glad that I found this post. It's been really great to be here.

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