Routine + Peanut Butter

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Routine + Peanut Butter

#1 Postby Malic » Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:47 am

Well I have just decided to start working out again... I dont have gym membership and cant afford one so for now. Im stuck at my house doing a weak routine :(

Monday , Wednesday , Friday - 1 set of pushups to near failure , 1 set of handstand pushups to near failure , 1 set of bodyweight squats to near failure , 1 set of bicycle crunches to near failure , 1 set of normal crunches to near failure , 1 set of pullups to near failure , 1 set of chinups to near failure

I know this routine sucks.. But well until I get chance to get back into the gym to start using freeweights im just doing to do a short routine like this. I might even overtrain from this routine but I doubt it.

Also im not a vegan , but well ive been eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to stay away from meat , n dairy , and anything with saturate fat in it ( animal fat ) Except that ive been eating alot of peanut butter lately. Im going to start buying jars of peanut butter and whenever im hungry dunk in my keiber townhouse crackers and have a go at it :D also eat vegetables and whatever mom cooks for dinner. Because peanut butter is good for bulking it has around 6650 calories per jar , and 280g of protein per jar , 245 carbs per jar.. its also got alot of fat which is good for produces hormones in the body. Same thing with sodium and it has 5250mg of sodium per jar... I will be drinking 2 gallons of water a day and I think I might also try to get off my ass and go running everyday or almost everyday also.

Also EFA slightly raise testosterone levels , so me eating almost a whole jar a day or almost a whole jar a day should help me pack on some muscles , and alot of weight even if its going to be fat weight im packing on I have a fast metabolism and Im going to burn it off once I get back into the gym anyway.



#2 Postby veganpotter » Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:06 pm

Its sounds weird but try dipping prunes in your peanut butter...they have alot more energy in them than crackers and they're pretty its way tastier in everyones opinion :D You should add some plyometrics to your'll keep your legs strong and explosive and you may even gain some muscle.

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