Meal plan with whole foods

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Meal plan with whole foods

#1 Postby Graham15 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:47 pm

I've spent a lot of time searching for a vegan meal plan for a clean bulk, but everything I've found seems to be full of protein bars and veggie burgers / sausages. I've put together this plan to try to minimize the amount of processed foods but still make it possible to hit my protein and caloric goals.

My purpose for posting this here is in case there are other vegans who are also struggling to find a plan with more whole foods or for anyone who might be able to make any suggestions or tweaks to improve it.

Some general guidelines that I followed:
- Minimize processed foods (the only ones in there are tofu, PB, and protein shakes)
- You'll notice a lot of nuts in the plan. This is because I want to get all my fats from whole sources (seeds / nuts / avocado rather than oils). All of my meals are cooked without oil.
- My goal was to get my minimum amounts of protein and fat and fill the rest of the calories with carbs. I'm aiming for a clean bulk with about 15% caloric surplus.
- The protein shakes are pre-mixed a combination of hemp, pea, and rice proteins that I get online. (No soy because I've got enough of that from the tofu)
- I'm aiming for about 2800 cal per day with 190 g of protein.
- I've put in 3 servings of vegetables and some fruit, but will likely add in more greens here and there as they'll have little impact on the overall numbers for calories.


1 tbsp peanut butter
Protein shake
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1/4 cup steel cut oats (dry)

Cal - 520
Pro - 39.5
Fat - 18.3
Carb - 45


170 g baby carrots
1/4 cup raw almonds

Cal - 281
Pro - 17
Fat - 17.5
Carb - 33.5


1.5 cups lentils / beans (cooked)
1/4 cup quinoa (dry)
1/2 medium avocado
1/2 cup cooked veg

Cal - 653
Pro - 31.5
Fat - 15.5
Carb - 111


1/4 cup raw almonds
2 pieces fruit

Cal - 355
Pro - 17
Fat - 17.5
Carb - 45.5


Tofu 200g
1/4 cup brown rice (dry)
1 cup green veg

Cal - 550
Pro - 42
Fat - 10.5
Carb - 71


Protein Shake
1.5 Tbsp Peanut Butter
1 Tbsp ground flax seed (in shake)

Cal - 317
Pro - 30.3
Fat - 16.3
Carb - 8.5

Throughout the day
snack on 100g edamame (shelled)
Cal - 120
Pro - 10
Fat - 5
Carb - 9

Daily Totals
Calories - 2796

Protein - 187

Fat - 101

Carb - 320

I genuinely appreciate any constructive feedback / suggestions and hope that this is useful for others.

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Re: Meal plan with whole foods

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:50 pm

Brendan Braziers books, Thrive and The Thrive Diet are really good.

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Re: Meal plan with whole foods

#3 Postby rmccam » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:57 pm

I'm new here but this was exactly the reason I joined. I've been trying to find people who workout and eat to cut/bulk but do it completely on whole foods. I would go so far as to see it done without protein powders.

I agree about Brendan Brazier's books, but from what I remember, they focus more on overall wellbeing, not gaining mass or cutting. Obviously we all want to improve our wellbeing but it would be great to hear from anyone who's achieved significant bodybuilding results without processed foods.



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