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#1 Postby veganbunny » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:19 pm

I have a couple of questions regarding Buried Treasure Aller-Ease ( this stuff). First of all, Is it 100% Vegan? It does say that it is dairy free but it does not say if it is vegan or not (I also checked their website but couldn't find anything). Second of all, it has 1000 mcg of Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin) so would this be a good source of getting my vitamin B-12 as well instead of an individual supplement? If it isn't vegan can someone recommend a liquid allergy medication? I have terrible cat allergies but I have been wanting to volunteer at the animal shelter again in the cat wing cause I love cats. If it isn't a good way to get easily-absorbed vitamin B-12, then is B-12 spray ( ... perpage=12) effective (i.e. do you feel that it is good alternative)? What does it taste like? Hopefully I can get an answer within 14 days cause if it isn't vegan I have 14 days to return the Aller-ease.
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#2 Postby Kathryn » Fri Jul 21, 2006 8:50 am

I can address your B12 question. I use the sublingual spray. It tastes sweet (like glycerin). Rather than cyanacobalamin, it is methylcobalamin, which is actually more effective (it can repair nerve damage because it is directly assimilated into the spinal cord---I used it for my diabetic cat, Scooter, who had problems with neuropathy and it helped reverse it).

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