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#16 Postby Freesia » Sat Sep 16, 2006 9:14 pm

I think it was the dairy causing my stiffness and pain. I was consuming more dairy after I cut out meat. I am allergic to grains and breakout in hives. I tend to go into denial and eat them anyway Sometimes. To eat a balanced vegan diet I am still thinking I need to combine grains and beans and the like. I don't really like beans as they are. I like salads, raw veggies, seeds and nuts. I can eat rice. I guess I need to learn more recipes.

I am physically active at my job and being one hundred pounds overweight, I am sure that is causing some pain and soreness. Lugging all that weight up and down the halls and bending over to care for patients. Stress from that.

I will definetly make the almond milk and use that until I find out if I am allergic to soy. I had a reaction from a Genesoy bar. My heart raced and I broke out in some hives. I get that reaction from wheat and other grains especially if I eat more than one serving.

Mainly right now i have been eating salads (lots of olives mmmmm) fruit and some grain products. Trying to eat more beans .....
Thanks all for your advice!!!!

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#17 Postby Freesia » Sat Sep 16, 2006 9:21 pm

_raVen_ wrote:
Freesia wrote:

Do you think dairy causes arthritis type aches and pains. When I was drinking milk I wasn't sure but was wondering if that was the cause of my pain. .

Freesia, if you're coming off a standard Western diet, you may be suffering the effects of it -- or your joints are. :( You are correct that it is most-likely diet related. One of the biggest culprits is dairy, yes! It is the animal protein :evil: (that seems to be the problem most times, isn't it?) For this reason, meat is also considered a contributor as well -- it is the acidic nature of these "foods" which also cause so, so many issues!

Kathryn listed the nightshades which are also common triggers, as well as grains such as corn, wheat, etc., or derivatives of same -- cornstarch, gluten; so checking labels is important if you have an allergy. (Even tiny amounts can cause pain). You may want to try an elimination method to find out which is the little devil causing you problems. (note the acidic theme...Grains are also acidic and not optimal, especially a grain/starch-based diet)

However, you may have a notion of what it you? If you consume dairy, I'd eliminate that first. You don't need it anyway, and it causes a host of other issues and you'll be healthier for getting rid of it :).

It's another example of vital information the powerful Dairy and Cattle industries lobby hard to keep from Us.
However you can read HERE about it and the elimination procedure and HERE for more about food and arthritis.

Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" dietary guidelines have cured people of many conditions, including arthritis.

MORE here with a great comment following it.

Are you consuming enough/any E.F.A.'s? That can help with joint issues. 1 TB of ground flax seeds every day or a DHA Supplement will help tremendously with a LOT of things, including arthritic issues. As well, up your leafy greens intake for a great food source, as well as consuming nuts daily and (about 1 ounce total). Forgo oils for optimal nutrition and consume your fat in its natural form, such as the seeds and nuts.

I highly recommend Dr. Fuhrman's dietary guidelines and his products which are excellent, including his DHA. :)

good info in those sources. TYVM

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