Higher calorie program

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Higher calorie program

#1 Postby Ravi » Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:24 am

I'm just wrapping up the first week of my higher calorie nutrition experiment. I'm still trying to keep a decent amount raw...but I must admit it is getting hard given that I am a relative novice at raw food nutrition as it is. I'd estimate I'm about 1/3 raw right now.

Here's my log for the past week. For reference I'm 5'9" and 155lb (13%BF).

Day Calories Protein

1) 3200 146
2) 3250 165
3) 3170 160
4) 2810 110
5) 2650 143
6) 2369 112
7) 2950 114

My diet in the 2 months preceeding this week has been mostly raw and fairly low calorie (I'd estimate 1500-1700/day max). Before that my steady state diet has been about 2200day. When I was training for ironman I ate around 4-5000/day...but most of that was while bike riding (veganpotter will know what I mean!).

My goal has been to get 3200-3500/day. As you can see, I barely hit this goal. I ate 2 big meals and 4-5 snacks throughout the day. Tofu, whole grains (quinoa), lentils, sprouts, raw nuts were my staples. I also had 2 full servings of vega daily.

My first observation is that 3000 calories is a HELL OF A LOT OF FOOD! I mean really. It is absolutely obscene. I never thought I would have trouble eating this much, but if I sleep in (and dont eat a morning meal) I am totally screwed for the day.

My second observation is that I feel full at all times throughout the day. This is gonna take some getting use to.

The third is that my body does seem to be gaining some fat, but also is clearly getting stronger. My recovery times are also much better.

I'll keep this up for another 3 weeks and see where it leads me. Robert, I have absolutely NO IDEA how you manage you manage to take in 4-5000 cal per day!

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