Ex-vegan, current vegetarian needs some help to get back

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Ex-vegan, current vegetarian needs some help to get back

#1 Postby GinsuFrenzy » Fri Sep 22, 2006 11:14 pm

Ok, I have two problems. I'll make it brief.

I just finished a U.S. tour and after a year being vegan, I had no choice but to slip back into vegetarianism. I didn't beat myself up for it because I was practically starving to death for 2 weeks with the lack of healthy options at restaurants and the lack of grocery stores in site throughout the midwest especially. And the grocery store route was way too expensive and wasteful when it came to purchasing vegan/health options, but most importantly I didn't travel with a stove or microwave to cook anything (minivan only). Anyways....

Anyone have any touring advice when it comes to staying vegan, and most importantly... HEALTHY. I'm done with stopping at Chevrons and picking up salty potato chips and frito dip. What does one do in a country full of fast food exits on freeways and slaughterhouses galore?

Second problem is..

After 2 years of being meat-free, I've learned time and time again that soy just doesn't agree with my body. Even one glass of soy milk now will just wreck me, and tempeh and tofu are no exceptions. Edamame I've found is just as bad. I will spend a whole week farting my brains out, and the stench it produces is even more ludacris. I'm finding the only diet that works with my digestive system and makes me feel good is organic lacto-ovo vegetarian. Basically, my question is.. if I hate rice and almond milk and soy has fucked me up so bad.. what substitutes are there left? And without soy products for protein (whole protein, all 9 amino acids which soy has) what can I substitute? I'm rather skeptical on consuming only nuts and beans, as they're not complete proteins but I'm sure it is possible. I eat vegan 90% of the time but these issues are just finally starting to bug me out.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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