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#31 Postby veganpotter » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:41 pm

The heart is a difficult thing to train and it takes time. If you aren't working your heart for extended periods of time you're working your muscles more than your heart...nothings wrong with that at all...I spent years not working my heart doing different sports.

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#32 Postby Mike » Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:55 pm

I wonder if there's a way you could incorporate some sport-specific training for that competition. I've heard stories about boxers for example doing tons of running but getting worn out by the end of the first round, because they weren't training for their specific type of activity. Maybe you should train for a fast short-distance run and/or incorporate interval training into your cardio (as much as cardio sucks).

I think it's great that you're doing pull-ups. It looks like that course will require a lot of upper body pulling strength. I wonder if you might try some stuff like hanging from the bar with one arm and switching from a right/left hand grip. Maybe you could work up to one-arm pullups :) . It would be very cool if you have access to some sort of rock climbing wall. If not, maybe t-bar rows or one-handed rows (which I think you're already doing) could help.

I have an idea for the bench portion of the competition. It may not work for you, but here goes:

Monday: Do one BP set to training failure (keep a few in the bag, Comrade :wink: ) at 60% of your body weight. Each week, try to increase the number of reps until you hit 50.

Thursday: Pick a weight you can lift easily for 50 reps. Each week, try to increase the weight.

Ideally, that would train your ability to lift the needed weight (Mon) for the needed number of reps (Thur).

Congrats on your continuing progress! I hope you don't mind the long post :D.

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