Kicking My Ass

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Kicking My Ass

#1 Postby MadamePhilosophy » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:08 pm

So I finally had the balls to request a personal trainer today. We went through my history, and Bill (my trainer) told me that my outlook is great. He measured me, determined that I am overweight (obviously) and told me that my goal weight loss is forty pounds.

We started with interval training on the treadmill. Then some weights (arm stuff first) then we moved to leg stuff.

He told me I need to consume about 85g of protein daily.

I've never realized how little I eat (extreme time constraint) until I had to start measuring protein, so in order to get there:

2 granola bars (4g)
2 chik'n patties w/marinara (28g)
3 Bocca meats w/tortilla wrap (20g)

Later tonight I have a protein shake which is 20g. I'll drink that around 2am since I'm @ work. I still need to find something to eat to gap.

It's fun eating this much. I forgot what food was like!

I'm in a lot of pain, but it's a good pain. I know I'm making a change - and I feel great! :D
Nom nom nom!
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Re: Kicking My Ass

#2 Postby pamela » Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:14 pm

Don't forget to eat fruit and veggies, and lots of them!

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