Vegan N NY - down to serious training

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Re: Vegan N NY - down to serious training

#16 Postby GinaKina » Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:32 am

I love vegandad!

There are TONS of great vegan cooking blogs out there. I have one (its in my sig), but its pretty new, there isn't a ton on it, but I have a whole list of sites on the righthand side, some people's blogs are completely fantastic!!

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Re: Vegan N NY - down to serious training

#17 Postby VegannNY » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:06 pm

Hey, thanks for the response! Oh mi gawd, do I *love* Vegan Dad...I'm going through an orgy of trying almost all the recipes, as the urge hits. Loving what one can do with seitan and a few spices...and I'm probably trying the TVP Shepherd's Pie tonight. BTW, he's going to be putting out an ebook any day now, and I'm salivating waiting for it. (Only problem is, it's only going to be for recipes through June 08, and there are so many since that I happen to love...) *Sigh*. Vegan Punk Kitchen, eat your heart out!

On a training note: my new (more realistic goal) is to get myself to 125 before year end, and then shoot for 115 ultimately. (I'm 5 -7 plus, and relatively well muscled.) I want to see my abs for at least a four pack, darn it! Dam those office holiday parties...! (PS: considering doubling the lifting, and dropping the cardio altogether. Just another experiment to see what works with my metabolism. Honestly, if it *does* work, it'd be way more fun and practical. I get bored w/cardio, and have to wash twice as much gym laundry.) Just...gimme more muscle, and I'll be happy...
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