Soyduck's Revitalization Plan.

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Soyduck's Revitalization Plan.

#1 Postby soyduck » Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:17 pm

I wouldn't usually post something like this in such a public place, but seeing all of your beautiful and muscular vegan bodies is the biggest inspiration in the whole world.

I look at the pic of me on the left and wonder, why did I stop lifting? :cry: I was in such great shape. I am still at a healthy weight, but between getting a new job, moving in with my boyfriend, and becoming a foster parent, I kind of gave up lifting. I still work on cardio, but I need to look that good again. I'm starting a career as a personal trainer after I complete a course, and I can't be looking as puny as I do now.

Here is me now .... skinny ass arms :|


I've also been very focused on eating completely fat free, to a fault. I'm trying to incorporate healthy fats back into my diet. I also need to consume more protein. Right now it's more like 80/15/5 on carbs/protein/fat.

I started keeping a calorie counter. I plan to consume 1600 calories a day, no more than 20g of fat (and that is MAX), and at least 50g of protein. I'm working slowly up to that protein consumption. At my buffest, I didn't consume more protein than that, so that seems about right.

*fingers crossed* I start my personal training course in January and it ends in May, so I have about 6 months to get to my goal buffness.
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Re: Soyduck's Revitalization Plan.

#2 Postby LocalBrada » Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:08 am

Best of luck on your goals. Can't wait to see your progress.
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Re: Soyduck's Revitalization Plan.

#3 Postby beforewisdom » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:52 am

Soyduck, I love your nickname :)

FWIW, I am a metabolic freak with a "fuel efficient system". I eat about the same amount of calories. I have no trouble getting 70g - 90g of protein a day. Usually one serving of low processed soy ( tempeh, soy beans, tofu ) or a glass of rice protein per day does it for pushing the numbers higher.

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Re: Soyduck's Revitalization Plan.

#4 Postby hryan77 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:39 am

Can't wait to follow along...and I applaud you for beinng a foster parent...I was a social worker for 5 years and for part of the time was a foster care case worker.

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