Questions About Hemp Seeds As A Source Of Protein

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Questions About Hemp Seeds As A Source Of Protein

#1 Postby onamission » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:02 pm

Hi there everybody,

I've been eating hemp seeds for the past few months as my primary source of protein (and fats). I'm even known at work as "that guy who always eats hemp seeds and kale". I get a good variety of foods to get a sufficient amount of fats and proteins but that has been my staple for a while because of its amazing nutrient density and digestibility. So here's my question:

Do hemp seeds contain a perfectly rounded ratio of amino acids to make it complete? I know they contain 20+ amino acids, which is complete by value of simply containing all those amino acids... but does the amino acid ratio in hemp seeds make it sufficient to eat them all the time without having to worry at all about lacking in any amino acid(s) or quality of protein intake? For example, while they contain every amino acid, maybe they are higher in one certain amino acid and very low in another, making it not ideal as a single-food-source of protein.

I eat them (raw) all the time; pre-workout, post-workout, and as a snack with greens. So I'm wondering if I've been doing the right thing or not. Does anyone have any info? Also, do you have any suggestions as to how often one should really be eating hemp seeds? I've been thinking of making my official traveling diet consist primarily of hemp seeds, kale and bananas. I know it's not perfect but would that be unhealthy?

THANK YOU everyone!

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Re: Questions About Hemp Seeds As A Source Of Protein

#2 Postby chrisjs » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:37 pm

They are fairly low in lysine:

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