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Re: Vegan Dress Shoes

#16 Postby VeganEssentials » Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:44 pm

daveonbass wrote:The Sanders brand shoes that were formerly available at were the best vegetarian dress shoes I have ever seen, BY FAR. If they ever came back I'd pay a LOT to get more of them and I'd buy more than one pair black and brown. Brown non-leather dress shoes are VERY hard to find. The No Harm shoes look great, but over $300/pair?... ouch.

Hey, Dave!

We're hoping that, as soon as there's a bit more of an economic rebound, that we can work to bring Sanders back again. They were AWESOME shoes (the only other men's dress shoes I ever liked were by Shoes with Souls when they did their Italian-made line back in the early to mid 2000s), I really want them to come back but it's tough getting people to pay $180-$200 per pair these days. There's always that chance we'll get them back, might be a bit but it's always possible down the line!
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Re: Vegan Dress Shoes

#17 Postby joelbct » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:40 pm

gee wrote:The brown are ok, I'd still like something nicer though but that could be a start.
Unfortunately I cannot find my size (12, or 11 since I've read they run large) :/

They look better in person than in the images. It is a well made shoe, best faux suede I have seen.

As for fit, they are European Shoes, so European sizes, if you don't know your Euro/UK sizes see the chart: ... NAodHGFJPg

For instance I am US 10.5, the Novacas fit me in 43. Conversion from US to Euro/UK sizes is an imperfect science, for instance with Dr Martens Vegan boots, neither the UK 9 nor UK 10 fit me, i would need a 9.5 which they don't make...

If you are US 11-12, you would probably want size Euro 44.

You can place a backorder request for your size from Moo Shoes, that is what I did to get them, it was there within a month. The shoes sell out quickly but they place orders on a regular basis.

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