Edward's journal of awesomeness

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Edward's journal of awesomeness

#1 Postby Northstar » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:42 pm

I have been vegan for four years now and it has been very good to me. I started training hard when I was 17 and got very stronger but it was so difficult for me to put on any actual muscle mass so I got very discouraged and drifted away from training. Well my metabolism has seemed to ease off a little bit and I can finally put on some weight. I also had a terrible motocross accident when I was 17 that made me give up one of my greatest joys: running. I did not think I could ever really run again but about a month ago I saw my surgeon and he said everything was doing really well in my smashed up ankle, so I tried going for a run and it went really well!

21 year old male
155 pounds
Have not trained in at least 2 years, still in fairly good shape
Currently running every other day

To be the best I can be
To represent veganism well
To be ready for anything
To do a marathon, triathlon or some sort of race in the fall

Feeling nauseous after running, perhaps this is from lack of hydration? I dont like to carry a water bottle with me, think I will get one of those waist belts soon.
Ankle still is not 100% but close too it, very picky feet when it comes to shoes. I like my Merrells but they are worn out and I have not tried on a shoe I particularly like yet.
Recovery seems to be slow right now but it is still early into training.

Last workout
4 km run two days ago
2 km on flat road and 2km up a steep gravel road
Only walked maybe 200 m of the hill which I think is pretty good so early on.

I am still pretty sore but feel like I could run today, do you guy think it would be okay to go out or should I take another rest day?

The worst part of training is the rest days. I am pumped to go! :D

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Re: Edward's journal of awesomeness

#2 Postby C.O. » Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:22 pm

Your intro mentioned putting on weight but it sounds like you are a runner not a lifter so you are kind of in the business of burning calories and keeping light :)
You are correct about water. Seriously you need to keep hydrated especially when running long distances, your stomach irritation could be a very small precursor to much worse health issues if you push your body too hard dehydrated. Definitely get that water belt pack asap.
You sound very motivated, great to hear, welcome to the forum. If you have been here and I just haven't come across your posts before my bad, either way great to see how you are starting off with your journal entry. I myself and many of the other forum members here really enjoy reading each others journal entries for knowledge, motivation, and sometimes just entertainment.


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