pulled muscle/strain...

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pulled muscle/strain...

#1 Postby bill1987 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:11 pm

Wanted to get some advice on injuries: I woke up a couple of days ago and since i have experiencing pain in my left arm between my elbow and my tricep. Not sure how i injured whatever muscle this is as i didn't feel any pain at the gym doing a lift. I guess my question is since it only hurts doing certain movements(i did a whole shoulder workout today and the only exercise i couldn't do were shrugs) should i stay away from all arm stuff until it heals or just movements that seem to agrivate it? Thanks!
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Re: pulled muscle/strain...

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:24 pm

My physical therapist gf says its probably okay to continue to workout as long as you aren't feeling any pain. Stay away from the shrugs or any other exercises that cause pain until it heals. Also ice the injured area after exercising.


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Re: pulled muscle/strain...

#3 Postby greenprotein » Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:32 am

Hi bill 1987

I am not a qualified therapist in anyway but I have been doing sport all my life and have learned how to read my body's aches and pains... I hope the following helps:

-there are some injuries that are so painful afterwards that you just have to rest them..the pain that you feel tells you to back off
-there are other injuries that are a bit painful where you can exercise/stretch it a little and then back off and let it rest further
-maybe after a few days rest you could try mimicking the exercise movement with no weight and see how painful it is...if you can't mimick the movement because it's too painful then certainly don't add weight and rest the arm more...keep trying this until no pain is felt then add a very light weight...it's like a try-it-and-see situation

I have only ever incurred one real injury in over 30 years all the rest were twinges where I would back off my training until the body adjusted. I took up snowboarding 3 seasons ago and was getting some good speed down the slopes but unfortunately I collided with a skier who was built like a tank compared to me...needless to say I went flying through the air...I landed on my shoulder and damaged my rotator cuff... I could not move my arm and I could not move to the side of the slope for feeling winded and sick...

...Anyway, this shoulder took a year to heal...I done absolutely no exercise on it for 3 months because everytime I tried to move it in a certain position or put pressure on it.. the pain told me to back off...eventually I could move the arm with little bits of pain and over the weeks I could move it further still with manageable pain but never straining the arm....now I have full mobility and it is more flexible than the non injured shoulder/arm :shock:

Just thought I would share these suggestions with an example :D If in doubt maybe see a doctor :)

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