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#16 Postby godesslissa » Fri May 13, 2005 11:58 pm

kollision wrote:Lisa here is what I wrote to VeggieBurger:

As for gaining 10 pounds, here is what the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) recommends. Its called the Zig Zag approach and it is effective. BTW this is in accordance to you, so the numbers werent at just random. I am just putting it in a quote to make it look more organized. The amount of calories to add and minus is for your body.

To increase total bodyweight by losing fat and gaining muscle

For 4 to 5 days each week (training days), add 2 calories per lean bodyweight and spread it amount 5 meals.

So basically you need to get your bodyfat, which is 8 %, and multiply it with your body weight which is 155, and you get 12.4 which is the amount of pounds in fat. Minus the pounds od fat by 155 and you will get 142.6 which is your lean bodyweight. Then multiply the lean bodyweight, 142.6 x 2 and you get 285 calories. So add 285 calories to your current diet.

For 2 to 3 days each week (training days), minus 2 calories per lean bodyweight and spread it amount 5 meals. So what you do here is minus 285 from your current diet.

(Hatfield 526)

This is just a general guideline and does not include what to eat, it is just in speaking of calories in general. As for what to eat, most would start at a 1-2-3 ratio. 1 part fat, 2 part protien, and 3 parts carbohydrates. That means you would calculate this out of your entire daily caloric intake.

Hatfield Phd, Frederick C. (2004) Fitness: The Complete Guide (Eighth-Edition)

Just substitute the numbers in with yours, I tried to make it as straitfoward as possible. If you are confused, just ask. THis is all from a nutrition standpoint.

:? Yup- I'm officially confused. So do I add or subtract the 248 calories on days that I'm training? (my calculation figured from my lean bodyweight based on what you posted)

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#17 Postby kollision » Sat May 14, 2005 5:27 am

Ok you need your bodyfat percentage and your body weight. We need to know how much lean body mass that your body has. The bodyfat percentage can tell you how many pounds of fat your body has. In return we can subtract the pounds of fat from your body and whatever weight is left would be your lean body mass.

On traing days, add 2 calories per lean bodyweight. So whatever pounds of lean body weight you are, multiply that by 2. THen you add this to your current diet schedule. SO if currently you are consuming 3000 cal, you would consume 3285 cals on training days, and 3715 on light training/cardio days. I hope that made sense, if not, feel free to ask. Again Im not a specilized nutritionist and shouldnt be taken as an advice like one. Also, it is all based from caloric standpoints, you may need to modify the types of foods you eat (eg, if you eat saturated fats).

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