Feedback on starting better?

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Feedback on starting better?

#1 Postby BlueStorm » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:43 am

It has been a while since I have been here but I am back. :boxer:

Last year I charched myself with A LOT of info.
I got my diploma as a Fyto- and Nutrition specialist and even went to see David Wolfe in Amsterdam.
I have been struggeling though and there were a lot of times I caved to what I know to be not right for me.
2011 I was eating less animal products than 2010 yet 2012 made a huge difference.
Starting off with the Challenge on Vegan Bodybuilding here and recieveing so many wonderfull stuff from Robert and his team. I am still grate-full.

So I feel it is time to leave any excuse what-so-ever behind and commit.
I was looking at the contest and I want to enter as extra motivation.
Getting healthy, a tight tush AND win money? I'd be leaner and could go back to school. ( My big wish for 2013 )
I want to study at INN ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition ) and I really want to follow The plant based Nutrition course by Dr Campbell.
And woud't it be awesome if I can get my personal trainer degree too?

So I am making my own food plan ( Still working on that ) and I hope you guys will give me honest feed-back on it.
Bodybuilding . com is NOT vegan friendly and vegetarians have to sort it out for themselves as well.....
I crinched at the promotion of SO MUCH animal products/ consumption.

I always thought this community was super supportive and I missed being here to be honest.

I do want to follow Jamie Eason's Live Fit program.
So to get as lean as possible in 12 weeks....
Any thoughts before I post my meal plan?
How am I going to live today, in order to create the tomorrow I am committed to? ~ Anthony Robbins

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Re: Feedback on starting better?

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:50 pm

Welcome back. Nice quote. What's your real name again?


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