Affording vegan protein powders

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Affording vegan protein powders

#1 Postby mill1334 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:42 pm

Hi! I am new (to the site, relatively new to veganism) so please bear with me if this topic has been previously discussed.

I do not digest soy well, like at all, mainly because I depended heavily on soymilk and tofu for the first 2 years of my veganism, and had no clue about nutrition. As I learned more and more about vitamins, minerals, essential FA and amino acids, phytonutrients, ratio of macro to micro nutrients, etc, I feel that I have developed quite a good understanding of what nurtients my body needs and in what amounts. Still toying around with the macros, but for the most part I feel pretty good.

My main question is how do you guys afford protein powders? I love drinking a green smoothie every morning and either use RAW plant protein or Plant Fustion, mainly because these are the cheapest vegan proteins I have been able to find that are high raw and contain enzymes and probiotics. But I go through them so quickly, and as a broke ass student, I just cant keep up some months! And then I read here, that everyone is diggin VEGA or Sunwarrior, which are so much more expensive! Does anyone have any advice for little ole me??? :D

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Re: Affording vegan protein powders

#2 Postby maybenot » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:46 am

Can't afford food in powder? Eat regular food. Focus on your diet without supplements. The downside is that you will spend more time preparing food. That's my advice =)

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Re: Affording vegan protein powders

#3 Postby johnboley » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:29 pm

Agree with above . . . sounds like you have a pretty good idea re: nutrition, just from trial and error in addition to reading, etc. Too many times we all become too reliant on supplements (not to say they are necessarily bad) and shy away from real food. Eat more and plan out your meals with less expensive items . . . make a big ass pot of veggie chili and you can get a couple of days out of it. Rice and lentils is always good . . . I sometimes use my rice cooker and throw in rice, beans I've soaked overnight, and sometimes include some other veggies as well. They cook while I work out in the AM and then I throw it in to my thermos for lunch and have leftovers for one of my evening meals. Crock pots are great for cooking soups, stews, etc. that last awhile. Lots of low cost easy options out there for you. I used to stress over not having enough money for supps, but it forced me to focus on how to more effectively plan my meals and now its a snap. You'll be fine.
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Re: Affording vegan protein powders

#4 Postby Compassion » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:43 pm

There are cheaper brands of non-soy proteins. Look for the "house brand" at your local health food store. I just picked up some Progressive Vegan powder that is non-soy and about half the cost of Vega ( which is still more expensive than the folks who consume whey) but nonetheless it is a pretty decent purchase.

I am ALWAYS on the look out for affordable vegan non soy proteins, and will post here if I ever find a deal!

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