Frustrated carnivore (ex-vegan/vegetarian)

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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Re: Frustrated carnivore (ex-vegan/vegetarian)

#16 Postby Vegan Aspirant » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:49 am

@Stcalico: Damn girl your lifts are truly impressive! 175 lbs in squat?! That's as much as me and I've got like 75 lbs on you in bodyweight lol. And well your dead-lifts... Damn.. I think my self-esteem would take a serious blow if you and I were training together hahah... On the other hand it would motivate me to do better :-p Also I'd run out of excuses in terms of diet haha

But seriously though one of the main reasons I haven't upped my compound lifts is because I haven't been doing them for that long, I lack in flexibility in my hams and calves (I can't pull off a deep squat) and am worried once I transition to the 220 pound lifts, that any minor flaw in technique would have detrimental and potentially permanent affects on my ligaments... I'm pretty iffy about that and only started doing 880 pound legpresses, after a dude punked me to it lol... And you weigh considerably less than me, so how do you find that 220 + pound compound lifts affect you in terms of ligaments and restitution time? Again wow at your accomplishments!

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Re: Frustrated carnivore (ex-vegan/vegetarian)

#17 Postby stcalico » Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:38 am

I'm happy with my lifts .. but I'm an my goal of 'looking' like I have muscle is a hard one for me. I probably have to increase my reps... just I know my max lifts will go down when I do that. As far as ligaments and restitution, I've never been one to experience much in the way of DOMS - maybe a bit when I start a new workout program. I injured my rotator cuff over a year ago and that still bothers me slightly on upper body lifts... but I have an old collar bone injury so I think the rotator cuff succumbed to that imbalance there - ie. I don't think that injury would have happened if I did not have the pre-existing imbalance. I go lighter and move up much slower on upper body lifts now.

I think you are smart to start with lighter loads and get your form down. Best to avoid injury since injury = negative progress. To increase your flexibility for squats, try doing overhead squats .. high reps, light load. Make sure to lean onto your heals.. not your toes.

880 pound leg presses sounds impressive! Pretty sure I can't do that!

Talking about all this weight lifting... think I'm gonna go to the gym now. Lol.

p.s. Eggs are unfertilized - they will not develop into conscious beings. But the factory farmed hens producing the eggs are definitely horribly treated throughout their life, and once spent, most are ripped from their cages, breaking their wings and legs or both and then they are processed into pet food. And let's not talk about what happens to the male chicks. It is possible tho to source your eggs to kinder operations with a little research. :)
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