Winter vegetables

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Winter vegetables

#1 Postby muchidna » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:12 am

Greetings everyone, winter is coming up where i live, and i want to grow some vegetables to maybe lower the cost of eating good and help supplement a vegan diet.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions on vegetables/fruits that would be particularly good for a vegan bodybuilding diet, i was thinking stuff like spinach/leafy greens because they grow fast and are high in iron, and maybe some sort of sprouted food like wheatgrass (anyone have any experience with wheatgrass?), but yeah, what are the best plants i could grow to supplement a vegan diet? whether it's for the carb content, the high yields, or specific nutritional needs, any ideas appreciated.


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Re: Winter vegetables

#2 Postby The PhytoAthlete » Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:42 am

Sprouting is great for the winter time, because you can do it inside your house in a small glass jar. I have sprouted several types of seeds, including wheatgrass, but I believe my favorite is alfalfa.

Sprouts are very nutrient rich foods.

As far as growing outside in a garden, collards and kale can take the cold pretty well. I have heard that some types of kale can live through snowfall, but I have no personal experience with those varieties because where I live we usually don't get that much snow anyway. Spinach can take the cold as well, but I have found it harder to grow, half the time the seeds evidently do not germinate because the plants just never come up and I have not figured any consistent reason(soil, temperature, rainfall, etc) that causes this to happen.

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