Anyone here an online trainer or used an online trainer?

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precision female
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Anyone here an online trainer or used an online trainer?

#1 Postby precision female » Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:07 pm

So...I'm tired of teaching music. Its not may passion. I want to pursue now what I have some passion for...I've done personal training certification, plant based nutrition certification, and 2+ years of competitive bodybuilding and thinking about being an online trainer - since I'm in a small town that us already overrun with personal trainers, plus I have aspergers so face to face training is socially stressful for me.
I've heard quite a few times that online person training is really exploding...

Does anyone here offer online personal training or fitness mentoring? Is it as lucrative as it's been painted up to be? How many clients are online trainers finding? Unlimited clients or a struggle to get even a few? What does it really look like when you do it? Is it primarily done by email, or real time on skype? I guess a clear idea of the job description - or variety of job description - would be helpful. What price do trainers charge? How does insurance liability work?

If anyone here has hired an online trainer what was the experience like? Met your needs? Problems? Worth the price?
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Scott Shetler
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Re: Anyone here an online trainer or used an online trainer?

#2 Postby Scott Shetler » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:13 pm

I have trained quite a few people online. It's not the main focus of my business model, but it have been a nice supplement. I do all the programming through google docs and I offer two options - 1. program design 2. program design + video analysis (if they want their specific lifts analyzed). It definitely helps if the individuals have had some type of experience prior as technique is usually the biggest issue when working with people online. Most of the time people who hire an online trainer or coach have a pretty good technique background and are just looking for programming, periodization and such. I've worked with a lot of kettlebell sport athletes, MMA and jiu jitsu athletes, football players, and powerlifters, and have had a few "general fitness' clients online. One thing I've done is archived some exercise technique instruction videos on youtube and on my website to help with the instruction of more technical lifts. Feel free to email me personally if you have any specific questions.

I do have a friend who does mostly nutrition programming, but does some fitness programming and he works exclusively online, and does well.

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