Hi from France !

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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Hi from France !

#1 Postby Gerbille » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:44 am

Hi everyone !

I'm a 23-years old girl from Paris, France. I'm a law student and complete sportaholic.
I became vegan in 2009, when I realized my vegetarian diet was still a killing uncompassionate diet.

I'm kind of addicted to my Gym. I have a true love for fitness, and most of all, to Body Attack. I also run, and my very dream is completing an Ironman.

Well... that was before this summer, because I've somehow had a tibial stress fracture. I knew it since may, the MRI confirmed it in july.

No fitness, no running, almost no walking for two months... I decided to use this "no cardio time" to lift weights. And I actually love it. I spent hours on the Internet learning about diet and lifting, and read Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness.

Of course, from 10-15 hours high intensity cardio/week to 2 hours low intensity cardio + lifting... I have build muscles, but also put bodyfat on, since I dit not want to starve myself. I'm ok with it, because I know it will go out of my body when I'll be back in Body Attack and running.

Today I went for a 5 minutes very easy run, and my physio believes I'll be completely ok in october.

I won't stop lifting, and there I am. I'm going to open a "journal" topic, and add my diet, workout, and progress pictures (or maybe should I open another topic for that ? please tell me !).

I would really love to have feedback, and look forward :)

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Re: Hi from France !

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:32 pm

Welcome Gerbille,

Sounds like you are in the right place here. What is Body Attack? Link me.

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Re: Hi from France !

#3 Postby vegan_rossco » Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:00 pm

Hey welcome to the forum :)
What's it like eating vegan in paris? I'm going in the new year and have my concerns haha
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Re: Hi from France !

#4 Postby muchidna » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:53 am

15 hours high intensity cardio!?! eek

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Re: Hi from France !

#5 Postby DeeVeganDee » Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:50 am

Hi and welcome.

Healing thoughts for your stress fracture. Whatever you do don't over do it in your recovery phase or you will be back to square one.

I'm looking forward to following your journal :)

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Re: Hi from France !

#6 Postby Gerbille » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:54 am

Thank you for your warm welcome !

C.O., Body attack is a LesMills class. http://w3.lesmills.com/global/en/classes/bodyattack/about-bodyattack/
It's completely addictive, especially after a day of work, when you want both to have fun and give all the energy you have.

vegan_rossco, never, ever, seat in a random restaurant and say "hey i'm vegan what can I eat". French people obviously think that cheese/meat are part of tradition (you know, french cooking is the very best, etc. etc.).
BUT, there are plenty of vegan or vegan-friendly places to eat or buy food. Feel free to ask more when preparing your trip. :-)

muchidna, i've always been a sporty kid. I need to move, i need to sweat, and i love it. If I don't, I don't sleep either, i'm not able to focus on work... I somehow regret that my job will mostly be a desk job. I think i'm built for outdoor and physical jobs.

DeeVeganDee, thank you so much :-) That 5-minutes thing is so boring, but I try to be patient.

I'm highly overbooked this week, but I'll begin the journal next week :-)

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