Sports season in a few months

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Sports season in a few months

#1 Postby muchidna » Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:32 pm

>I had this thread in the fitness forum, but i moved it because it was there for 3 days without any traffix :S<

Greetings, i've been out of commission for about a month or so (no transport, it's driving me nuts), and my sports season is coming up in a few months
this year i was hoping to really up my game, and stand out more, particularly on recovery/stamina, possibly so i can get into a higher grade

i want some tips on how i can improve my stamina and recovery when i'm on the field, so i can sprint more often, and stay in the game more of the time
anyway, i want to get cardio-fit, without compromising any weight gain goals, personally i don't really like running or jogging, i'd prefer a routine that would be something like 30 min to an hour of things like suicides, sprints, and flexibility exercises, that i could do every day, or every second day during rest days

while i don't really like jogging, or running (always been rather boring to me), if it will get results i'll do it
i'd like to hear opinions involving both with and without that sort of thing, along with circuit type exercises (like i explained, suicides etc), or a comination of both

i haven't done any cardio for about a month, since the season ended, when it did i think i was reasonably fit cardiovascular, but not particularly above average ( unless you're counting all the old guys on my team :P)

please tell me what you think would work, thanks :)


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Re: Sports season in a few months

#2 Postby HIT Rob » Tue Jan 14, 2014 2:39 pm

The ONLY way you can get at the myocardium, is by preforming mechanically work with muscle, and the greater the quality of work done with muscle, the greater the cardiovascular benefits.
Nautilus founder and researcher Arthur Jones conducted studies that proved that just 6 weeks on a well designed strength training program could deliver better cardiovascular benefits than traditional steady state activity. Keep in mind, it was never written in stone, that in order to achieve a certain age and weight related heart rate for X amount of time, that we should engage in an activity that involves the repetitive rotation of the hips like on a bike or cross trainer, or the bounding of the joints and connective tissues while running.

Hope this helps

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Re: Sports season in a few months

#3 Postby C.O. » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:49 pm

I posted a book recommendation, the book is about increasing speed. I think you may find it beneficial. It also has a section on turning routines into games I think, or that may have been another book I read recently. Either way, its easy to turn most training into a game/challenge for yourself. For most people its helps keep them engaged and progressing faster.

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