Eating meat lead to the evolution of mankind?

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Re: Eating meat lead to the evolution of mankind?

#16 Postby EdensDemise » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:45 am

not to insult the male-gender (i am a man too) but some anthropological studies, noticed that the causes that lead primitives to hunt(scavaging is not included) were:
-general sense of inferiority towars women, since most of the tribes were matriarchal and gathering- the main form of livelihood- was a woman job.
-the connection between sex and giving birth was missing, since the primitives tribes never had constant relationship with animals for 9 months to understand that sexual acts were leading to reproduction. so the woman was seen as creator of life, so near to divinity

to fight this inner sense of inferiority, men started to hunt big animals to feel useful to the tribe and powerful, though hunting was practiced few times per month.
plus nomadism brought humans to migrate to northern areas, where cold, growing population, and years of tradition gave humans more security and sense of need to hunt.
from this we all know how it ended, sedentarism, agriculture, sheep-farming, domestication, separation of humans from nature.
the earth and everything that belongs to it (animals, plants etc) have been domesticated, as the same time the woman and the female symbol were degraded, this should give an answer.
through this phases the step between agriculture and capitalism is not very long, as the creation of state and social hierarchies.
we arrived to the point were civilization is the main cancer of the planet, and no when people say "we evolved because of hunting and tool skills" in a positive way, thats totally bullshit. we lost every connection with our real nature, and i am sure that eating meat (especially if we kill) is not part of our nature for both physically and mind reasons- the fact that primitives before to kill an animal, used to pray gods to free them from the sens of guilty, should be an example.

humans use predator-animals as comparison to justify our need to eat meat, but at the same time we refuse that we run away from our natural animal behaviour and connection with mother earth, enslaving torturing and brutally kill animals without giving them the same power level to fight back, or to run away, as other predators do with their preys. that is not hunting, that is pathetic cowardice
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Re: Eating meat lead to the evolution of mankind?

#17 Postby Think_machine » Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:05 pm

I think there is no way to know for certain, but there is a lot of evidence that suggests meat eating was a part of human culture for way more than 10,000 years. Early humans had to be smart enough to make tools but we see primates use tools too so once again, we do not know if the intelligence or hunting came first. There are dumb and smart herbivore creatures. Elephants are extremely intelligent, rabits... not so much. I will admit that most meat eating land animals seem to be smarter. Hunting is difficult, if you have ever tried it. Only thing I know is that it feels wrong to kill animals, and that nobody has proven to me that there is any nutrient we need which can only be found in meat. I think it is a bad argument to have since there are good points on both sides yet we can prove nothing. So at the end of the day, I would tell that lady that she cannot prove anything, and continue to show off what a meat-free physique looks like; proof that one can live healthy on a vegan diet.

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